14 Dec

Jonathan has been re-reading Brian McLaren’s “The Last Word and the Word After That”. He was reading some aloud to me yesterday and this quote stuck out:

“Truth be told” he said to me one afternoon that  June, “These are the people that I know with.”

“Know with?” I asked.

“Haven’t you noticed how learning and knowing are ultimately communal experiences, social experiences?” He asked in reply.

“I can see how learning is communal – like learning in a class or small group,” I replied. “But knowing?”

“Think of the word consciousness, whose components mean know with. I’ve found I can only know so much until I find a community that shares my knowing. If I begin growing very far beyond what my community allows me to know, I need to persuade my community to think with me or else find a new form of community”


One Response to “Knowing”

  1. Jenni Gover December 15, 2008 at 14:20 #

    Deep…..and v interesting!

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