Maybe a chance

10 Apr

Now we’ve stopped wailing and have had chance to read and digest our letter we can share a little more with you. It seems that our visa has not been rejected YET. They have basically written saying that they are on the verge of rejecting our application so we have 60 days to refute their reason for rejection.

They are also asking us to provide evidence that we have a very large sum of money to go into an account for educational costs. We think we have this money, however we’ve realized today that they may be asking for more than we thought. If this is the case then we may be up the creek without a paddle. Time will tell. We expect things to become more clearer next week as we are able to get figures from people.

If it doesn’t work out maybe I’ll camp on Cindy or Erin’s front yards  🙂   😉   😛


2 Responses to “Maybe a chance”

  1. erin April 10, 2009 at 15:54 #

    You are welcome here anytime…we’ll even let you stay in the house. 😉 But I’m not that close to New Brunswick, so it’d be a pretty long commute!

    Still praying for you guys that this works out or that you get a clear picture from God of what the heck is going on. Peace and wisdom.

  2. cindy April 11, 2009 at 04:28 #

    you’re welcome on our lawn and in our house too!! tell me when to start the coffee.

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