17 Jan

Watching the news these past few days has really broken my heart. I feel so heavily for Haiti. Why do disasters like these generally happen to countries that have already experienced so much poverty, hardship and devastation? What has particularly gotten to me is the passing of an 11 year girl who rescue workers fought so tiresomely to free from the rubble. Perhaps you’ve read her story?

I feel helpless from my home and really want to be able to help. Sometimes donating money just doesn’t seem like enough. I really urge you to donate money if you can. If you donate to the Red Cross or Unicef in Canada then the government will match your donation. There are many other organizations excepting donations too. Many of whom already have people on the ground in Haiti, such as Compassion. CBC has a special page set up with donation information and organizations contacts etc, as does CNN in the US.

Another thing to do is to urge the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cancel all of Haiti’s debt. Jubilee can point you in the right direction of how to do this. This will help the country so much once it begins to rebuild itself.

Like the Asian tsunami in 2004, this will be a long-term situation. The Haitians, who needed outside support prior to this disaster, will be needing it even more in the future. Maybe at some point you will be able to go to Haiti and help in the long-term rebuilding effort? I know I’d like to.


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