This and That!

8 Feb

Ben had his first overnight stay at cub camp this weekend. It’s far too cold to camp outside so they slept in the church hall. He had fun but I think, due to his Aspergers, he found the camp to be a little overwhelming. Jonathan stayed with him and said that Ben found some of the games were too noisy (he has a noise sensitivity). Yesterday morning Grace and I went down to the hall and watched the cubs race cars they had designed and built. Out of 31 cubs Ben finished 4th! He was very happy with that!

Jonathan and I watched the Superbowl last night and were happy that the Saints won. We don’t generally watch football and I have no idea of the rules! It was a really good game to watch, very close right up until the last five or six minutes. When Jon asked me who I was cheering for I said the Saints. All week I’d seen people writing on Facebook and in the news about how the Colts had it in the bag. Well, that naturally makes me want to support the underdog! It’s a bit like when Manchester United play, I always want the other team to win. Oh, wait, that’s a bad comparison, I don’t particularly like Manchester United and never want them to win ……..

This past weekend I’ve set up an Etsy shop so that I can sell some knitted goods on it. I’ll let you know when I have anything on there. I’m busy making a bunch of stuff to sell now.

Yay, Winter Olympics start this Friday, can’t wait!


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