One Thousand Gifts

27 Jan

I’ve meant to write this post for a week or so now, but with the broken well and then just general life stuff, it got put on the back burner. I’ve read an amazing book by Ann Voskamp called One Thousand Gifts. I just happened to stumble upon it at the beginning of the year. Ann has previously authored two geography books for children which we’ve used in our homeschool. I was looking to see if she had another geography book that I could get for next year (Canadian one would be great Ann!) and found this gem instead.

This book is really profound and exquisite. Ann’s writing style is quite poetic and she really knows how to make words come alive. The main purpose of this book is to look at Eucharisteo – thanksgiving. Learning how to thank God in the midst of everything. It is a must read, it will change your outlook on your conversation and journey with God. It’s not always an easy read though. Ann not only shares some traumatic experiences from her own life, but at times the book is at such a deep level that I found that I just needed to put it down and ponder over it for a day or two before I picked it back up again.

You can read the first chapter for free here

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As a result of this book I am starting to keep a list of things that I am thankful for. I want to share these on my blog. These are my one thousand thanks.
“Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and thankful heart” Colossians 4:2

1) The smile of my daughter as she comes to snuggle in our bed because she can’t get to sleep.
2) Hot chocolate on a cold day.
3) Icicles iridescent in the sun.
4) Snowflakes, so perfect, so individual, so tiny, yet they come together and cover the earth in a thick white blanket.
5) Fresh, clean blankets to snuggle up in.
6) The word of God.
7) My husband home safe from work.
8. Friends who pray.
9) Hearing “I love you Mommy.”
10) Hugs from my son (he doesn’t do kisses anymore)
11) The progress of a struggling reader.
12) Plows that make the roads safer to drive on.
14) A sunny winters day
15) Water! (our well broke!)
16) A well that works!


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