This and That

1 Feb

I have nothing to write about! I really have nothing to say that I could put into a structured post. I have a lot of thought processes going on, whirring in my head.

Heavy things like:
Transforming an established church into a mission-shaped one is hard work.
I’m aware that I need to become even more Christ centered, but how willing am I to die to myself, like, how far am I willing to go?
I sit on the committee of a domestic violence/abuse group, should I train to become a victim support person? How can I continue to reach out and make a difference?
What is my next strategy for helping my daughter learn to read more fluently (she has a visual processing disorder)?

Mundane and silly things like:
What shall I make for supper tomorrow? (suggestions taken – ground beef and ham in the freezer, it’s nearly grocery day!)
Another snow day? That’s the fourth in the past two weeks.
When will the dog stop farting?
and will the kids stop trying to wash the cat? She is not amused and neither am I!


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