1000 Gifts

8 Feb

17) A crescent moon on a crisp, clear night. The moon’s light from the crescent was so bright that the circular shape of the full moon could be seen.

18) Walking through decisions that will be tough on all involved.

19) Friends who love and trust you that much that they can be brutally honest with you.

copyright Lyn Hallewell

20) Snow Days! Nice and warm inside whilst the wind is howling and snow is falling outside.

21) A friends last chemotherapy session. She did it! This was one of the worst experiences of her life, but she was brimming with joy today.

22) Freedom. I am blessed to live in a free and democratic society, others around the world are fighting for freedom. How sweet it will taste when they get it.

copyright Lyn Hallewell

23) This girls feet – finally planter free too!

24) Blood work checked, PAP screen, breast exam. I’m healthy. I’m thankful.

25) The sound of happiness in my children and in others around me.

copyright Lyn Hallewell

26) A lazy Saturday morning breakfast – waffles, eggs, hash browns and sausages.


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