Homeschool Review

2 May

I love this time of the year, the school year end is in sight, I can see the finish line! Only six weeks to go. In around three weeks our curriculum will really begin to wind down as we finish things off for the year. I’ve mentioned before, that I start out the school year all fired up and ready to go, but come February we are limping a little and needing a break (thank you for March break!). However, come April, with spring in the air, we are all pumped again as we aim for the finish line!

At this time of the year I begin to look at our curriculum and decide what has and hasn’t worked. Sadly, this year, my main curriculum hasn’t worked too well for my daughter. She is very much a kinaesthetic learner, so our mainly read together curriculum hasn’t worked for her. For me, there is both sorrow and joy in this. Our current curriculum is one I love and I hope to return to it for high school (if we homeschool then – I’m undecided on high school right now!). I have, however, found a new curriculum which I think my daughter will get a lot out of, as will my history buff son! We have decided to give Heart of Dakota a try and will be using their Creation to Greeks program. What I find very impressive with this curriculum is that they have included an extension pack, so that if you are schooling more than one child (using the same program) you have more challenging books for the older child. There seems to be quite a bit of hands on work (yay!), some of the books come as audio books (another yay!) and it follows the Charlotte Mason method of teaching, which is what we do.

I out my order in and I am looking forward to box day at some point over the next few weeks. There are two other changes that I am making too. My daughter will continue to use Math-U-See next year, but my son has decided that he would like to try something different, so after a lot of searching we have decided, between us, to try out Life of Fred Math. I am also using something with my kids next year which I never said I would use – Language Art textbooks! All Charlotte Mason educators would be horrified at this, but having tried a few sample pages with the kids from various LA curriculums, they both said they liked the textbook one the best. So, we are going to be using Lifepac Language Arts (don’t worry, I have plenty of back up books if it fails!).

After a lot of thinking, I will also be switching to year round schooling this coming year. I really noticed last September that my kids had forgotten so much (particularly math) that they had known prior to summer. I have decided on our exact plan but it will be one of the following (I narrowed it down!) six weeks school, one week off, then four to six straight weeks in the summer, or, nine weeks on, two weeks off, four to six weeks in the summer, or, work three months have a month off throughout the whole year (one month off falling in July or August). Over vacation, this summer, we will continue to at least have the math books out two to three times a week.

Well, those are my plans for the next school year, have you thought of yours yet?


One Response to “Homeschool Review”

  1. midgetinvasion May 3, 2011 at 20:40 #

    I’m beginning to think about mine. We tried Math-U-See, and my kids didn’t jive with it at all. We’re going to try Teaching Textbooks next. They tried some of the sample lessons online and seemed to like it.

    My oldest will be middle school aged, so I’ll probably start having him write more seriously, but I don’t know if we’ll do an actual curriculum for that, or just come up with something ourselves.

    I worry less about science and social studies (which are required under the state homeschooling guidelines) because those are subjects that my kids are extremely interested in, so they get discussed daily at their prompting.

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