One Mom’s Kenya Day 1

26 Jul

ONEMom’s arrived in Kenya on Sunday and began their experience of life in Kenya yesterday. The team spent time on home health visits mainly associated with HIV and AIDS. I’ve put a link to some of the bloggers posts at the end of this entry. Please take time to read through them as there are some very powerful stories shared.

Today’s action is to sign the ONE petition asking Congress not to cut funding for effective poverty fighting programs that are saving lives. If you want to sign this petition then please click here (it takes no more than 30 seconds to sign) and if you can then ask 5 friends to do the same. Thank you.

Karen Walrond – home health visit and being a life changer
Rachel Fox – together as ONE
Jyl Pattee malaria or a middle seat
Lindsay Maines – Courage to fight for lives
Shayne Moore – he named his dog Qaddafi
Shayne Moore – life is a gift


3 Responses to “One Mom’s Kenya Day 1”

  1. Lindsay Maines July 26, 2011 at 18:38 #

    Dear Lyn,
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your voice with your community. All of the Kenyan moms we’ve met (and danced with this morning- what a way to start the day with joy!) realize that we represent a much larger group of global moms who care about sharing what makes us all united- our children’s futures. I can’t even tell you how much it means, for them and for us, to know that ONE Week Partners like you are there with us, in spirit and voice, every step. THANK YOU. Love, Lindsay (@rockandrollmama)

  2. lynhallewell July 26, 2011 at 19:25 #

    Thank you for going to Kenya so that we can share the journey too. My heart is to see a real change in the lives of the people who you are meeting. It is great to also see how programs and people have made a positive impact too. Bless you all.


  1. #ONEMoms Day Two- Everyday Heroes In Lwak, Kenya | Rock and Roll Mama - July 27, 2011

    […] Adversity from The World’s Poorest Nations Lyn Hallewell at Beyond these Four Walls , One Moms Day OneMorra Aaron at Huffington Post, We Are Still The World: Mom Bloggers in Africa  #ONEMoms […]

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