ONE Mom’s Kenya Day Two

27 Jul

I love todays action for ONE Mom’sUsing the hashtag #ONEMoms, tweet a message (or messages) you’d like the ONE Mom’s to deliver to mothers in Kenya.

One thing that has really struck me from reading all the blog posts so far is the sheer joy and energy that the women in Kenya seem to have. They face situations in life, that, quite frankly, would probably send me into the depths of despair. Yet they have this amazing capacity to pull together and carry on. Please, don’t get me wrong, I know that everything is not wonderful. There are many people infected with HIV, TB and other preventable diseases. There are orphans. There is poverty that we cannot begin to imagine. There is famine. There is hardship and pain. Yet, in among all of this suffering there is dancing. Amy Graff begins her blog post (see link below) with the following:

It’s more important to look forward than back. Every life is precious. We’re one big world and we should all take care of one another. And moms need to spend more time dancing. Yes, dancing as in shaking your hips and flailing your arms with your closest girlfriends. In Kenya, when women get together–whether it’s at a PTA meeting or at work–they belt out in song, clap their hands, sway their bodies. When they feel the urge to let it all out, they scream out “yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.”

Please complete today’s action (above) and send an encouraging Tweet to Mom’s in Kenya and if you have time have a dance in honour of them. In fact, why not play the video below and dance along with them.

The ONE Mom’s bloggers have continued to meet with couples and mothers living with HIV, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Here are some of their blog posts from day 2:

Rachel Fox – It Takes a Village

Emily Mckhann – One Mom Can Make a Difference

Elisa Morgan – You Can Make a Difference

Amy Graff  – How Often Do You Dance in a Week?

Lindsay Maines – Everyday Heroes in Lwak, Kenya

Jennifer James – In Kenya the Need is Great, Successes Abound


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