ONE Moms Kenya Day Three

28 Jul

The ONE Moms bloggers have been meeting with teachers and students in Nairobi, Kenya. They visited an area in the slums where people have nothing compared to our high tech society. The old shed in my back yard appears to be in better condition than the homes they live in. This I find disturbing. It’s not a fact new to me, but it still disturbs me. Maybe it’s my obvious wealth over theirs? I live in a society where we are on a lower than average income, yet, compared to most Kenyans I am very rich. I need to remember this. However, from stories I have read I think that Kenyan Moms are whole lot more abundant than I am in many ways – joy, community, peace and so forth. I see simple things missing from my life that are so clearly obvious in theirs and I have to ask myself who is richer?

Today’s action is to share an inspiring video called “Chieftainess” about a woman teaching her community about the importance of education:


Here is a link to some photos taken by Morgana Wingard

Please take time to read through the blog entries below. You’ll find that the children receiving an education in Kenya are very grateful to be getting one. I don’t know if you sponsor a child through child sponsorship, but if you don’t please consider it. Give a child an education and you can not only change their life, but you impact their community too.

Cooper Monroe –  read this inspiriting story about Amani Ya Juu, a sewing and training program for African women who are marginalized and often broken.

Elisa Morgan – You Can Change the World

Jyl Pattee – A Purple Door Stands Out Between Despair and Poverty in Kenya

Lindsay Maines – Nairobi, Kenya. Lindsay has some photos on her blog post which show the slum area they visited.

Karen Walrond – There is Hope in Perseverance

Jennifer James – Hope in the Slums of Kenya

Shayne Moore – We believe This is a Place of Light and Hope



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