Multitudes on Mondays

8 Aug

copyright Lyn Hallewell

Eucharisteo! My thankful list is full of nature this week:

41) For trees that the kids can climb, hide in and shelter under.

42) For the birds who visit our bird feeder each day and for the squirrel who tries to break into it.

43) For the buzzing of the hummingbirds at their feeder and the delight their brief summer presence brings to us all.

44) For amazing thunder storms that shake the house

copyright Lyn Hallewell

45) For being able to walk to the river and paddle in it.

46) For living in an area that has rivers running through it and is also close to the ocean.

47) For the powerful noise of the waves and the restful feeling of sitting on the beach.

48) For boat trips.

49) For beautiful island getaways.

50) For a friend who survived a heart scare and surgery.


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