Life and Sisters in Bloom

2 Feb

Life is still running at the speed of sound and I wish the pace would slow some. So much gets neglected due to lack of time, including my blog. My husband rolled in at 10pm tonight.  I haven’t seen him all day – in fact, we haven’t seen each other much this week. We’re juggling too much and need to hand over a ball or two!  Any takers?

We finished the Daniel Fast and our bodies felt really good afterwards. Within a day of starting back on just dairy (you have to slowly reintroduce food groups) we both felt sluggish again. We’ve been doing a lot of reading and we are cutting out most dairy and are going to be predominantly eating vegetarian food, but still have meat once or twice a week. 

This week Sisters in Bloom launched. It is a new site for women to go to for encouragement and community. I love this post today by Stacey. I really like her shoes too! Anyway, you can follow Sisters in Bloom on Twitter @sistersinbloom or like them on Facebook.

Tomorrow (which it is in 20 mins!) hopefully I’ll write for Five Minute Friday! Sleep well!



One Response to “Life and Sisters in Bloom”

  1. Denise In Bloom February 2, 2012 at 23:57 #

    Thank you! So nice of you to mention Sisters In Bloom. We are glad you came by. God bless you fellow sister in bloom.

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