Real – Five Minute Friday

3 Feb

 It’s Five Minute Friday! That means writing for five minutes with no editing, just sharing what is on your heart.

Today’s word is:




The sun is gently illuminating the trees outside with a soft shade of gold. It is sunset and it means another day is over. As I wrote yesterday, life seems to be rushing by at the moment. My husband and I hardly have time together. Today has been family day though, which means its my husbands day off. Yipee! I struggled to get out of my cozy bed this morning, but eventually got going. Way below freezing temperatures greeted me outside as I made my way to get groceries. I had a list ready, but still groaned at the final tally once at the check out. Healthy living is not cheap!

After lunch my husband took the kids sledding while I had an hours quiet at home. This is a rare treat for me in this homeschooling/church pastoring household. Quiet. It was priceless! I spent some time with God asking Him to touch my soul and guide me. He was quiet too, but I know He was listening.

Right now supper is cooking and we are getting ready for our family movie night – Mr Poppers Penguins tonight!

This is our day off, slower paced and how I would prefer life to be!


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2 Responses to “Real – Five Minute Friday”

  1. Ashley Pichea February 3, 2012 at 19:23 #

    Sledding… how I miss it! I am hoping to be able to do some cross-country skiing next weekend, and maybe a run down the tubing hill, when we head to a retreat in Northern Michigan! 🙂

  2. lynhallewell February 3, 2012 at 22:23 #

    Sounds good! This is only our second decent snowfall this winter. Very unusual for here. Normally the snow is piled high by now. It’s February and the kids went sledding today for the first time this winter!

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