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25 Mar

It was good to read the conversation between TSK and Brian McLaren, in regards to TSK’s concerns stemming from Brian’s book, Everything Must Change. Andrew Perriman is mentioned in the conversation which leads me to a really interesting article by him on discipleship.


Interesting Articles

19 Feb

This article about a churchless Christianity is worth a read H/T Andrew Jones. Andrew also has an article featured on the CMS website called Mission and the Fourth Sector, which is about self sustaining mission; H/T Jonny Baker

You can’t take the Christ out of Christmas

20 Dec

I love reading Roland S Martin’s articles – this is a fabulous one, which features on CNN today. As usual he has made some great points. Roland never strikes me as someone who is afraid to speak his mind. He also leaves plenty to think about.


23 Aug

A little light reading for you on child trafficking. I am shocked at how many child prostitutes there are in the UK. It makes me feel so sick.


15 Aug

We’ve been away for two weeks and they have been computer free. It’s funny how life goes on without the internet, how there was still plenty to do. It made me realize how much time we waste surfing the net – sometimes just to pass time.

Whilst going through my hundreds of blog posts on google reader earlier three really stood out to me. The first post was “Why I AM an Egalitarian” by Makeesha. This post is Mak’s response to a couple of people who blogged about why they were not egalitarian’s. Mak has constructed and put forward a really good case as to why she is an egalitarian, and I have to say that I agree with her wholeheartedly – great stuff Mak! The second post was “Being Brain McLaren” by Jamie Arpin-Ricci. Jamie writes about how Brian is still seen by many as the litmus test for anything emergent/missional, and how many see him as the figurehead for the emerging movement. In Jamie’s words:

“Brian McLaren does not speak for all of the emerging/emergent/missional movement. His writings cannot and should not be taken as the measure of our theology, ecclesiology, eschatology, etc. He is NOT the figurehead of all things emerging. That being said, he IS a pastor of great compassion and gifting. He IS a teacher respected a loved. He IS one or many important voices, even leaders, to many in the emerging-missional conversation. Above all, without a second of hesitation, I believe he IS a brother in Christ.”

Jamie also writes very sensitively about how it must feel to be in Brian’s shoes. A great piece of writing Jamie. Having read Jamie’s post I then came across “Emerging Church – Let’s Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously” by Paul Mayers which featured the posters below, and in the words of Forest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that!”

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