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Ache – Five Minute Friday

2 Mar

Here we are for another Five Minute Friday! Five minutes writing, no editing etc; just write for fun!

Today’s word is:



Ache is quite an apt word for me today as my body is aching all over! I have a cold and feel quite blah! Exhaustion has finally caught up with me, just as March break begins and my hubby has a week off work – boo! (to the cold, not the week off!)

As I ponder “ache” I know that there is an ache in my heart. An ache to find adventure, follow dreams and fulfill purpose. I would so love to spend more time writing and speaking, I love doing both, but I’m not sure if I’ve got what it takes, if anyone would be interested in me or how to even open doors to enable me to do this? I always get encouraging feedback when I preach at church, so I know I communicate well when I speak, but what next? I was hoping to go to a well know female speakers conference in the summer, but my heart sunk when I saw the price for the conference ($600) and then travel would be on top.

On top of this I have another ache in my heart. An ache to walk even closer with the Lord. To be able to sense Him and hear Him in all I do. I wonder if the closeness I want with Him is even possible? I seek and continue to ache.


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Five Minute Friday – Delight

17 Feb

It’s time for another Five Minute Friday! Write for five minutes, no editing, and then link back at The Gypsy Mama

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I’ve been thinking about my kids a lot this week, about how proud I am of them and how much I delight in them. It’s kind of been a trip down memory lane. I’ve been thinking about them as babies, then toddlers, pre-schoolers and so on. Here I am now with a son who is months away from his teenage years and a daughter who might as well be there too (hormones!). 

I’ve been thinking about special names they’ve had for things over the years and toys they couldn’t bear to be parted from. My son would sleep with his wooden Thomas trains at night for some time! My daughter’s doll, Lucy, is well loved and I can see her being given to her own daughter some day.

I’ve been thinking about the places we’ve been to and the things we’ve seen together. Things I could only dream of as a child. What a rich life they have had so far.

We have seen both the challenges and rewards of home educating. The thing I delight from in home educating is that I get to see their progress first hand. My son has Aspergers and my daughter has a visual processing disorder, so some school work has challenged them. My daughter has struggled to learn to read, it has taken years to get there, but she is flying now! I look at her and think “we conquered this together” and I delight in that.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires” Psalm 37:4 (NLT)


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Five Minute Friday – Trust

10 Feb


    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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    Today’s word is:
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To trust someone is to let them into your life and heart and have confidence that they will be for you, to believe the best in them. When that trust is broken it is harder next time to completely trust the next person, a small wall goes up around ourselves, and if, repeatedly, trust is broken then the wall gets larger and larger. We learn to rely on ourselves.

To trust is also to have faith. I liken this to trusting in God. I trust and have faith that he will continually guide and lead my family and I. I believe that he has our best interest at heart. That is probably the difference between trusting in God and man. Most people, eventually, put their interests above yours, whereas I don’t believe God does that. Sure, sometimes he’s awfully quiet and doesn’t seem to be moving as quick as I think he should. That’s when I really need to slow down and trust Him, rather than try and help Him out and speed up the process. God is sufficient for me and will never forsake me. His ways are good, though they are not always my ways! In my weakness He is strong. He has always come through for me and never let me down. Sure, the end result has not always looked like how I had imagined it would, but that is having faith and believing in God. I trust in Him for today and for my future, because, He has continually shown me that he is trustworthy. With Him I have no walls (that I’m aware of!).


Your Turn 🙂

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Real – Five Minute Friday

3 Feb

 It’s Five Minute Friday! That means writing for five minutes with no editing, just sharing what is on your heart.

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The sun is gently illuminating the trees outside with a soft shade of gold. It is sunset and it means another day is over. As I wrote yesterday, life seems to be rushing by at the moment. My husband and I hardly have time together. Today has been family day though, which means its my husbands day off. Yipee! I struggled to get out of my cozy bed this morning, but eventually got going. Way below freezing temperatures greeted me outside as I made my way to get groceries. I had a list ready, but still groaned at the final tally once at the check out. Healthy living is not cheap!

After lunch my husband took the kids sledding while I had an hours quiet at home. This is a rare treat for me in this homeschooling/church pastoring household. Quiet. It was priceless! I spent some time with God asking Him to touch my soul and guide me. He was quiet too, but I know He was listening.

Right now supper is cooking and we are getting ready for our family movie night – Mr Poppers Penguins tonight!

This is our day off, slower paced and how I would prefer life to be!


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5 Minute Friday – Tender

27 Jan

It’s 5 minute Friday! 

Here are the rules:

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Todays word is:



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As I write this snow is tenderly falling outside my window. We are due a storm today but it’s only just getting going now. The snowflakes are gently falling and turning the brown ground a bright shade of white. We’ve had a really mild winter this year and it is unusual to see soil and grass at this point of winter. While watching the snow I am pondering the word tender and have come to realize that my heart is real tender these days.

When I think of tender the following words come to mind; fragile, delicate, sensitive, loving and protective. My heart has been bruised a lot the past few years to the point where I feel it will break if pushed much more. I know that won’t happen as God will sustain me as I seek Him, but it doesn’t stop me having that awareness of how fragile I am. 

I was watching Never Been Kissed last night on the TV. Maybe you know the movie? A journalist gets sent back undercover to her old high school, posing as a student, in order to obtain a story. Drew Barrymore plays Josie, the lead character, and high school was not the most plesant experience for her. Going back she relives some of those memories. I had tears in my eyes at times, especially when she was a dressed up for the prom. The “cool” dude was taking her, but it turned out to be a trick, she ended up having eggs chucked at her. After this the scene switches to Josie sobbing, and I joined her. I went to bed wondering why I am so sensitive. I realized it is because of the actions of people in my life, not only recently, but over many years. The thing is, this is something you can never get away from. People are people. I have a tender heart, a soft heart, but I would much rather this than a hard heart.


Your turn!