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25 Mar

Jim’s blog post made me chuckle this morning!

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H/T Sacred Sandwich


Laugh of the Day

8 Jan

If you want to have a GOOD laugh, you’ve got to read these quotes from Bush over the years. I have tears streaming down my face at the moment from laughing so hard.

Stress Reduction Kit

21 Oct

LOL! I saw this on Cindy’s blog and nearly fell off my chair in laughter. I need one of these, anyone else???

I’ll go with what my daughter thinks!

10 Sep

Funny quote of the day from my daughter. My son was talking about healthy eating and said “Mum, you’ve got to stop buying chocolate for yourself” My daughter responded “Ben, Mum doesn’t buy chocolate, she just finds it in her shopping bag!” Gotta love that one!

Which Candidate?

9 Apr

LOL!!! I love this image. For those of you who can’t work it out it’s Obama, McCain and Clinton.

H/T TallSkinnyKiwi via Ted Elmore

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