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MA in Theology

16 Apr

If you could go anywhere in the US or Canada to study an MA in Theology where would you go and why (I’m meaning university/college here not country!)



14 Jul

I’m trying out this Facebook thingy, I’m not really sure what the point of it is, but I’ll give it a go.  If you want to become my friend then my link is here

Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

Happy Fathers Day to all of you daddies out there.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.   Thank you to my wonderful husband for all he does for us – we love you so much.


1 May

Heck, I’m not a trend setter, I’m a follower! Jamie’s done it, Jonathan’s done it, so I thought I’d have a go! What am I talking about? The Forgotten Ways APEST Test.

My results were …… drum roll please ….
Shepherding: 22
Prophetic: 21
Evangelistic: 16
Apostolic: 12
Teaching: 9

I guess I’m a Shepherd, but I’ve never really thought of it being my main gifting. I’m always being told that I’m prophetic, and I think I am, so I agree with that! Jonathan’s results come out that he is Apostolic, which we knew, followed by prophecy. It will be interesting to look into how we can use our gifts to work together well. Maybe as he is stronger in the things I’m weaker in, we’ll compliment each other 😉

Have you taken this test, or a similar one? Do you think the results reflect who you are?


10 Mar

I love cinnamon, but it is not too popular in the UK. Jonathan has found this website “Everything Cinnamon” which is UK based. There are some yummy products on there – some heading my way soon! Anyway, I thought I’d blog about this site in case there are some other cinny fans out there.

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