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Compassion Tanzania Team

9 May

Sorry for the radio silence, life has been really hectic lately!

I’m late at getting to this, but I just wanted to share about Compassion’s Tanzania Blogging team who are in Tanzania this week (until Friday). If you click on this link here you can see who the bloggers are and read their posts from the week; such as The Resourceful Mommy’s post about meeting her sponsored child, Gussy Sews journey to Gidionis home and the giraffe that made Nester cry.

You can also follow the team on thier Twitter feed

If you click on this link here it will take you directly to Compassion’s website and will show you the children in Tanzania who are currently needing sponsors. I can’t tell you enough how much I highly recommend child sponsorship. Not only does the child sponsored receive an education, but it changes their families life and the lives of those in the community where children are being sponsored. We have two sponsor children and I am so grateful to be able to sponsor them. It really is life changing.



International Women’s Day

8 Mar

Today, as you probably know, is International Women’s Day. I have so much on my heart that I want to share about empowering women in poorer nations. They are simply the future for many countries. Women are the needed change. Educating women is vital. If you educate a woman you educate her family and community.

It’s actually my husband’s 40th birthday today, so I’m really pressed for time. Instead of writing I wanted to share a few posts with you that I read earlier today. These posts combine what is on my heart right now. Please take time to read them:

The Measure of a Woman

Ten Things You Can do to Stay Informed and Help Women Everywhere

Let’s Make Today the Last International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – A Time for Concern, Not Complacency

Seven Ways to Empower Women Today and Everyday


6 Mar

I’m a huge fan of the work of Compassion. I think, if financially able to, everyone should consider child sponsorship. It makes a huge difference to the life of a child who would otherwise not receive an education. As well as educating the sponsored child, they also get other basic necessities, such as clothes, blankets and food. It doesn’t end there though, sponsorship helps transform the child’s family and their community. When you sponsor a child through an organization, like Compassion, it means that they are on the ground there in that child’s community, making a difference. I am in awe at what they do. Everyone has a dream job in life, and my dream job is working for an organization like Compassion. I’m hoping that once the kids are older I will fulfill that dream.

Amy, at Make Me a Mary, has written a great blog post today called Top 10 Totally Selfish Reasons to Sponsor a Child Through Compassion. I only recently came across Amy’s blog, through Sisters in Bloom, I love her heart and the things she writes about.

1. I get a thrill clicking that “Sponsor Now” button. It’s not every day that you get to add a child to your family, and once you’ve met your new love through the Internet it seems you can’t write to him/her fast enough. And you can hardly wait to hear back from them.

2. It helps me learn geography. Of course the first thing I do is look at a map to see where he/she lives. I always learn something because I’m not very good with geography and I don’t know a lot about other cultures. I love how Compassion provides lots of great information about each child’s family, community, and country. It’s so interesting!

3. It keeps close to my heart Jesus’s command to care for the poor and needy. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve neglected this huge part of the Gospel my entire life. But reaching impoverished children and their families with the message of Christ’s love is at the heart of what Compassion strives to do—and they do it well.

Continue reading here


The Justice Conference 2012

1 Mar

The Justice Conference 2012 took place last weekend. I was really bummed that I couldn’t go, but, financially, a flight out to Oregon wasn’t going to happen! Videos of the conference are going to be released shortly, keep an eye on The Justice Conference website for more info. I’m definitely going to be getting them! In the mean time, take a look at some of the conference notes that were taken and have been posted on the following blogs: Tim Hoiland, Karen Spears Zacharias and Erin Vroom. Next year the conference is in Philadelphia – can’t wait to go!

Compassion Bloggers

9 Nov

Currently there are a group of bloggers in Ecuador on a trip organized by Compassion.The trip is for the bloggers to witness firsthand (and blog about) Compassion International’s ministry to children in the highlands near Quito and the Amazon basin. Ann Voskamp, a very gifted writer, whose blog I read is there, along with her husband The Farmer.

I’m not able to blog about this trip as I am away at a conference for a few days. However, if you’d like to follow along, then please go to Compassion’s Bloggers page to view the blog posts. You can also follow along at Twitter.

If you are not currently sponsoring a child through Compassion, please would you consider doing so. They do amazing work. Many children, who would otherwise not get an education, are benefitting from sponsorship, as are their family and the community in which they live.

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