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ONE Moms Update

8 Aug

The ONE Moms have been home for a week now. They have all been reflecting on what they saw, learned and brought back from Kenya on the ONE blog. You can view all the posts here.  Cooper Munroe’s post from today has a beautiful poem at the end of it, by a Ugandan woman called Birgundi Ives. The poem is called Her Story. It is about the importance of listening to African women. Please stop by and read it.

If you haven’t signed up to support the ONE Campaign yet, then please, please, please, please, PLEASE do. It’s just a matter of filling in your name and email address, it takes no more than thirty seconds to do. Here is the link! We all have a voice, let’s use it.

Not sure what to do about the Horn of Africa crisis? ONE has a campaign plus information about NGO’s and International Organizations already on the ground in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.


ONE Moms Kenya Day 5

30 Jul

The ONE Moms have reached the end of their time in Kenya. Todays action is to sign the ONE petition calling on leaders to urgently provide funding to the people of the  Horn of Africa, who are suffering their worst drought in 60 years. Around 10 million are in desperate need of food, clean water and basic sanitation. You can sign the petition here.

ONE Moms spent yesterday meeting with women farmers in Kenya.

Here are some of their blog entries:

Rachel Fox – The Strength of Community

Shayne Moore – Mama is in Charge of All the Money

Karen Walrond – On Feed the Future and Unexpected Pride

I round of this week going to see U2 tonight in Moncton for their last show of their North American tour. Kind of surreal going to see them tonight after following ONE this week …..

ONE Moms Kenya Day Four

29 Jul

The ONE Moms bloggers have been spending time with women entrepreneurs in Karen, Kenya. These women are building into their communities and providing opportunities for others.

Today’s action is to share ONE’s report “Africa’s Future is Female” ONE state “If the world is serious about tackling extreme poverty and disease, then it’s time to step up our investment in Africa’s women and girls. It’s time to make a change.” Please read this report, it doesn’t take long to read and is full of really helpful information. Sadly, I’m quite familiar with the statistics to do with HIV, child-birth, education etc. The thing that surprised me the most in this report, that I did not know before, is that women make up the majority of farmers in Africa and produce 80% of the continents food. However, they receive less than 10% of the farm credits and own just 1% of the land.

What one thing has surprised you in this report? Using hashtag #ONEMoms share this on Twitter, or leave a comment below.

The ONE Moms bloggers are nearing the end of their time in Kenya, read their thoughts from day four below. There are some really excellent blog entries, please take time to read them if you can.

Rachel Fox – Together we are Transformed – an encouraging post about Amani Ya Juu

Emily McKhann – Sacrificing for Success

Emily McKhann – An Unforgettable Birthday – Emily celebrated her birthday in Kenya this week!

Cooper Munroe – Follow Friday #FF – links to organisations the ONE Moms have learned from and got to know.

Jennifer James – Women Enterprise at Dunga Beach in Kisumu, Kenya – about commercial sex workers and how USAid has changed their lives.

Jyl Pattee –  Eye Shadow Helps Bridge Socio-Economic Differences in Kenyan Slum – about Carolina for Kibera, an organisation whose purpose is to “advance health, education, and ethnic cooperation, gender equality, and economic empowerment, and equip leaders with tools to strengthen the community.”

Amy Graff – The Most Beautiful Girls in the World – also about Carolina for Kibera

Lindsay Maines – Entrepreneurs in Kenya are the Future – an excellent informative post about various organisations in Kenya.

Shayne Moore – The Wild, Wild World of Kibera – the people of Kibera need us to go to them and change their world.

Karen Roland – On Community and Shedding Light – enlightening post about Carolina for Kibera

ONE Moms Kenya Day Three

28 Jul

The ONE Moms bloggers have been meeting with teachers and students in Nairobi, Kenya. They visited an area in the slums where people have nothing compared to our high tech society. The old shed in my back yard appears to be in better condition than the homes they live in. This I find disturbing. It’s not a fact new to me, but it still disturbs me. Maybe it’s my obvious wealth over theirs? I live in a society where we are on a lower than average income, yet, compared to most Kenyans I am very rich. I need to remember this. However, from stories I have read I think that Kenyan Moms are whole lot more abundant than I am in many ways – joy, community, peace and so forth. I see simple things missing from my life that are so clearly obvious in theirs and I have to ask myself who is richer?

Today’s action is to share an inspiring video called “Chieftainess” about a woman teaching her community about the importance of education:


Here is a link to some photos taken by Morgana Wingard

Please take time to read through the blog entries below. You’ll find that the children receiving an education in Kenya are very grateful to be getting one. I don’t know if you sponsor a child through child sponsorship, but if you don’t please consider it. Give a child an education and you can not only change their life, but you impact their community too.

Cooper Monroe –  read this inspiriting story about Amani Ya Juu, a sewing and training program for African women who are marginalized and often broken.

Elisa Morgan – You Can Change the World

Jyl Pattee – A Purple Door Stands Out Between Despair and Poverty in Kenya

Lindsay Maines – Nairobi, Kenya. Lindsay has some photos on her blog post which show the slum area they visited.

Karen Walrond – There is Hope in Perseverance

Jennifer James – Hope in the Slums of Kenya

Shayne Moore – We believe This is a Place of Light and Hope


ONE Mom’s Kenya Day Two

27 Jul

I love todays action for ONE Mom’sUsing the hashtag #ONEMoms, tweet a message (or messages) you’d like the ONE Mom’s to deliver to mothers in Kenya.

One thing that has really struck me from reading all the blog posts so far is the sheer joy and energy that the women in Kenya seem to have. They face situations in life, that, quite frankly, would probably send me into the depths of despair. Yet they have this amazing capacity to pull together and carry on. Please, don’t get me wrong, I know that everything is not wonderful. There are many people infected with HIV, TB and other preventable diseases. There are orphans. There is poverty that we cannot begin to imagine. There is famine. There is hardship and pain. Yet, in among all of this suffering there is dancing. Amy Graff begins her blog post (see link below) with the following:

It’s more important to look forward than back. Every life is precious. We’re one big world and we should all take care of one another. And moms need to spend more time dancing. Yes, dancing as in shaking your hips and flailing your arms with your closest girlfriends. In Kenya, when women get together–whether it’s at a PTA meeting or at work–they belt out in song, clap their hands, sway their bodies. When they feel the urge to let it all out, they scream out “yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.”

Please complete today’s action (above) and send an encouraging Tweet to Mom’s in Kenya and if you have time have a dance in honour of them. In fact, why not play the video below and dance along with them.

The ONE Mom’s bloggers have continued to meet with couples and mothers living with HIV, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Here are some of their blog posts from day 2:

Rachel Fox – It Takes a Village

Emily Mckhann – One Mom Can Make a Difference

Elisa Morgan – You Can Make a Difference

Amy Graff  – How Often Do You Dance in a Week?

Lindsay Maines – Everyday Heroes in Lwak, Kenya

Jennifer James – In Kenya the Need is Great, Successes Abound

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