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Pecking Order

17 Feb

H/T Jon Birch

So, what’s the pecking order at your church? (Click on image to see it full size)



27 Aug

Last month Cindy shared a photo of one of her deformed carrots that she grew this year. On Monday we dug up our carrots. They were Early Nantes, so they were never going to be any record breakers! We had some really tiny ones and some which were of a good size. We had one which was deformed. Two have entwined together (kind of looks like a heart). Any one else got any strange veggies this year?

Jesus Image

15 Apr

This is an interesting article that I saw on CNN today. Apparently an image of Jesus crying appeared on a window at a Florida hospital. The unexplained image remained there for a few hours and then disappeared. It was a window right by their prayer garden.


16 Aug

I’ve uploaded some of our photos from Scotland on to Flickr. I’ve only added 20 at the moment as I need to go through editing them, also there are over 600 photos, and flickr won’t let me upload anywhere near that amount! Go to this link and you’ll see them. Below are two the top one is taken on the Isle of Skye and the one below is of Loch Ness.

Couldn’t resist this ….

31 Jul

…. put in a caption!

Here’s mine:

Gordon: “I swear George, my car was right here a minute ago.” or how about

George: “I’m sorry Gordon, there is no way I can jump over your arm.”

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